PT Cummins Pump and Injector Test Bench

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1. Brief Introduction

PT 212 PT fuel pump Test bench is special equipment used to provide test and calibration for CUMMINS PT fuel pump. It has abundant functions, high measure precision, and fast sampling.

For instance: Fit for: PT(G), PT(G)VS, PT(G)MVS, PT(G)AFC. PT(G) AFC-VS, PT(G) EFC. PT(G)R. PT(H). fuel pumps etc and damping ASA valve.

2. Functions

1.Gear pump pressure and vacuum test

2. Idle speed test

3. Weight assistant pressure test

4. Pressure and flow test in every check point

5. AFC test

6. Oil stopping test

7. Route test of throttle

8. Oil return test of throttle

9. ASA valve test

10. EFC test

11. Shut down valve test

3. Main technique parameter

1. Motor Output power: 3KW

2. Speed range: 0-3000RPM

3. Oil tank volume: 50L

4. Fuel No. : 0# Diesel Or standard fuel

5. Oil temperature: 38±2

6.Fuel Testing Pressure: ≤2.5Mpa 400Lb/in2

7. Air Testing Pressure: ≤2.5Mpa 35psi

8.Gear pump testing pressure: ≤5Mpa 600Lb/in2

9. Fuel testing standard Flow: 75-800Lb/h, 800-2200Lb/h

10. Fuel testing leakage flow: 20-500ML/min

11. Diamension: 680×935×1730mm

12. Net Weight300KG

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