Common Rail. HEUI, EUI EUP test bench

Diesel injection pump and common rail system test bench 12PCR
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Diesel injection pump and common rail system test bench 12PCR for BOSCH,DENSO,DELPHI,Caterpillar HEUI Injector
12PCR test bench is our latest independent researched special test bench to test the performance of different Mechanical pump (VE/P71000…), CR pump, CR injector, EUI/EUP with HK1400 cam box , CAT HEUI injector, CAT 320D pump, CAT HEUI C7/C9 actuation pump,VP37/VP44/RED4 pump testing. The oil quantity is measured by flow sensor and displayed at computer directly, All data can be searched and saved. Advanced technology, steady performance, precise measurement and convenient operation.

Main functions and optional functions

1. 12 cylinder Mechanical pump(VE/P71000…) test 

2. All Common Rail Injector test (include piezo injector ) 

3. Injector QR code function(Bosch/Denso/Delphi/Siemens/ Cummins XPI) 

4. Injector BIP(Response Time )test 

 5. Injector Resistance/inductance test 

6. Injector Armature stroke AHE test 

7. All common rail pump test 

8. Common rail pump delivery flow test function 

 9. Denso HP0/HP5 pump test 

10. EUI/EUP testing with HK1400 cam box 

11. Cummins HPI ISX15/QSK60 injector testing(optional) 

12. CAT HEUI C7/C9/C-9/3126B injector testing 

13. CAT HEUI 3116/3412E/FORD 6.0L/ISUZU/G2.9 injector testing (optional) 

14. CAT HEUI C7/C9 actuation pump testing 

15. CAT 320D pump testing 

16. VP37 pump test(Optional) 

17. VP44 pump testing(optional) 

18. Zexel RED4 inline pump testing(optional)


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