Common Rail. HEUI, EUI EUP test bench

Common rail injector test bench CR318 NTS318
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1. Test common rail injector brands: BO-SCH, DEL-PHI, DEN-SO, SIE-MENS, and so on. 

2. Can test 1 pcs common rail injectors 

3. Can test the piezoelectronic (piezo) injectors. 

4. Test the pre-injection of common rail injector. 

5. Test the max oil quantity of common rail injector. 

6. Test the cranking oil quantity of common rail injector. 

7. Test the back flow oil quantity of common rail injector. 

8. Test the average oil quantity of common rail injector. 

9. Test the seal performance of common rail injector. 

10. Data can be searched and saved. 

11. Real-time display fuel injection / return volume curve 

12. Injector inductance and Resistance 

13. Codeman series generate; Bo-sch Selenoid IMA Bo-sch Piezo ISA Del-phi C2i / C3i Sie-mens IIC Coding Den-so QR Coding 

14. BIP FUNCTIONS (optional) 

15. AHE testing (optional)


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