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fuel injector nozzle pop tester PJ40
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The CR injector is fed by a high pressure fuel source, which may be a mechanical manual pump or an electrical motor driven pump or a pneumatic driven pressure booster. Such a test device will fulfill the tasks of checking nozzle spray pattern, injector back leakage and solenoid condition.
Employs the characters of boost speed, high-stability, reasonable structure, flexible operation, convenience. PJ-40 Nozzle tester is the ideal instrument calibrating and testing fuel opening
pressure, atomization, fuel angle and confined of needle.

Design Features
1. Modulated driving signal to ensure the safety of the solenoids of the injectors
2. Injector driving signal - Adjustable frequency and pulse width
3. Short circuit protection for solenoid driving signals
4. Rich accessories, ready to test many famous brands injectors


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